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Helping Enterprises Innovate.IT for Legal and Finance.

Our powerful, integrated solutions will help your business lower costs, improve efficiency and increase data resilience.

Remain competitive, optimise productivity.

The use of technology to manage your business and strategy has never been more essential.

Our range of services are tailored for the legal and finance profession.

Benefit from high value results.

Let us transform the speed of client service, improve client relationships whilst reducing costs.

How We Can Help Your OrganisationWe specialise in end to end solutions.

Application Development

Let us know what kind of application you need, its required features or just your idea. We will design and implement the perfect app for your needs.

Mobile Working

Work from anywhere, any time.  We offer many different and flexible remote working solutions covering Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

High Availability

Reliable IT infrastructure designed to serve critical systems, decreasing downtime and eliminating single points of failure is increasingly important.


Our dedicated support staff can quickly and efficiently resolve site specific problems minimising downtime for your organisation.

Third Party Integrations

If your existing systems are clunky and you feel they can perform better than let us show how we can help you.

Outsourced & Process Management

Our experienced IT consultants can help advise your organisation on how best to use information technology to achieve your business objectives.

Digital Dictation

Digital dictation offers a new way to dictate directly into your device, offering you flexibility, speed and ease of use. Best of all speech recognition means your documents are created quickly.

Phones & Video Conferencing

Reduce your phone bills using VOIP technology. Integrated software allows increased flexibility and convenience within your organisation. Talk for free.

Servers & Web Services

Our server and web solutions are scalable, flexible and efficient, offering your business efficiency, choice and flexibility as your requirements change and grow.

SmartSolicitorThe perfect companion for any legal professional.

No need for expensive IT investment or ongoing maintenance. SmartSolicitor will transform your business.

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